Bitcoin & 2017: A Short Story

Almost a year ago, a client asked me to write about Bitcoin. The first thing that came to my mind was that he wants me to write about something that’s probably a scam.

A Scam.

But, after writing about every possible topic on earth, I thought to myself: Why not give it a shot?

I still remember how amazed, and utterly stupid I felt that day.

Amazed because just when you start thinking that humans have made so many innovations, you find another one that will blow your mind away.

Stupid because I thought it was a scam.

Anyhow, I still didn’t think it would impact my life so much. After all, as a writer you may be asked to write about anything and everything. Have I grown attached to Toddlers & Tiaras? Yes, and no (Not proud of it).

Moving forward, once I updated my profile, I got more jobs related to the crypto-world. I started enjoying it, and found myself talking about it to other ignorant people.

For people who believe in this virtual world, you know what 2017 has been.

Chaotic. Volatile. Productive. Whatnot.

Hell, even mainstream media such as Snapchat and The Big Bang Theory were covering Bitcoins!

I thought so many times if I should invest in Bitcoins, or any other cryptocurrency. My clients still ask me whether I want real cash or BTC. And my answer remains the same: I don’t have a wallet just yet.

There’s nothing holding me back but I still keep thinking about it. Why am I being an outsider?

There may be a few reasons: Firstly, UAE laws regarding cryptocurrencies are vague. They haven’t explicitly accepted the digital currency. Secondly, I don’t want it just because it’s ‘the thing’ everyone wants. Maybe, that’s why the price is fluctuating. People have no idea what Bitcoin really means, but they are willing to invest in it. Thirdly, the idea of holding BTC scares me. Will I be able to live through these sudden price changes? Will I have a heart attack? What will I do when the price drops or hikes, short it?

So for now, I think I still need more time to decide what I want to do. Maybe 2018 will be the year I finally choose to completely become a part of it.

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