Fits the outline;



Reaching out,

For the

Darkest ways;

They are wrong —

But why

Would they still succeed? ­





Fits the outline;



Looking forward,

To a day

Of justice;

They have the chance —

But why

Would they still forgive?





Fits the outline;



Moving forward,

To the

Very end;

It is ready —

But tell me

Would they now think twice?

Burning Questions

Is it really how they say?

To live your life

with emptiness so deep,

it kills you within.

Is it really how it sounds?

To shout and wail

with a voice so desperate,

it tears you apart.

Is it really how it tastes?

To swallow the truth

with flavors so bitter,

it poisons you within.

Is it really how it feels?

To touch your inner self

with hands so impure,

it darkens you forever.

Is it really how they say?

To live your life

with thoughts so shallow,

it kills you within.

Welcome To My Blog – A Warning In Disguise

It took me 23 years to create my own blog.

23 years.

You see, I do write blog posts. I write them for my clients. I have always wanted to create my own website, but I was waiting for the right time.

Spoiler alert: there is no right time.

I thought that since my work was already on the internet, I could wait a really long time before starting my own blog.

I was wrong, of course.

Let me give you a little background here: I have loved reading books ever since I was a child. I started writing when I was around 7 years old.

Sometime around 8th grade, I discovered that I was a poet as well.

I pride myself on my poetry skills. However, poetry is a truly magical place for me. I say that because poems literally dawn on me once in 2-5 years.

But that is a story for another day.

In 2007, I joined online writing communities like Wattpad and Figment. And since I was a teenager, I chose an extremely embarrassing pen-name: BoltFromTheBlue.

Yes, you read it right. I used to think the name made me look super cool.

Anyhow, I kept writing and deleting, and then writing again. I even became a finalist in a writing contest on Figment.

But all of it came to a stop when I started university.

University took four years of my precious life, turned me into someone who was constantly moody/lazy/annoyed, and finally gave me an Electrical Engineering degree.

I graduated in 2016 and four months later, I realized I couldn’t just sit and wait for a job in an engineering company. I had to do something before I got stuck in this practical life they speak of.

I have been unsuccessfully unemployed since then. But let’s not talk about this cruel subject.

Moving forward, I decided to start working as a professional writer. I began using websites like Upwork to find freelance work and soon enough, I was happily employed by many clients.

Which brings me back to why I started this blog.

Waiting for the right time made me realize that my clients usually have to browse through other client’s websites to look at my work. And even though, it works perfectly well, I still write under certain restrictions provide by said clients.

So, by starting this blog, I will not only enjoy writing posts, but it will also serve as a portfolio of my personal writing style. It will be a space where I will have no restrictions.

So, there you have my simple yet very, very long answer to the question.

Once again, welcome to my blog! My unhealthy habits include procrastinating, eating, sleeping, and binge-watching TV shows and movies.

Fair warning: All of this will be reflected in my future blog posts.

Happy Reading!